Results of Lexi’s Lump

The vet called last night and said that the lump on Lexi’s underbelly was malignant but only a level one which means it hasn’t spread to the rest of the body. But the fax they sent me from the lab says it’s at a level 2 and “deep invasion”. :rolleyes: Dogs with this level usually live for another 70 months (about 6 years). I guess the fact that there was “no lymphatic invasion” is a good thing.

Report on Lexi's "mass"

Report on Lexi's "mass"

Some text from the report: Although the tumor cells were well-differentiated the deep invasion warrants a grade II category based on the scheme of patnaik. Current literature suggest grade II mast cell tumors with low mitatic rates as seen in this case have a median survival time of 70 months.

Hrm…. that’s the first place “tumor” has shown up. 🙁

Lexi Has A Lump

Lexi has a lump on her underbelly and I swear when I took her in months ago “they” said it was nothing to worry about. Well, it got bigger, so I took her in yesterday to the veterinarian that I trust the most at my vet’s complex (there’s 4 vets there) and he said that we should remove it. He said it wasn’t a cyst, which I gathered is just a mass full of puss or something and can be drained. So, I scheduled an appointment for Lexi on Thursday for surgery. This makes me sad. First, and most importantly, I’m worried that she’s sick. Secondly, and not very important for someone who loves their dog, it’s going to cost around $500.


Anyone have a funny Thanksgiving quote? The only one I can remember was from my brother: “I’m only friends [on Facebook] with people I don’t know.” It was also funny to see my face popup on his Droid.

I also was reminded of how much I love my wife. Since she didn’t come to my parents at the same time I did, I waited until she showed. At one point we all heard the door open and my mom said that is was probably “Chris”. I immediately got excited because I thought it was my wife instead of my brother. (Sorry Chris!)

Lexi celebrated her 10th birthday this Thanksgiving! (The big one-oh. Double digits.) We gave her treats and lots of love.

Troll Joel

A few weeks ago I made up a story for Alyssa about “Princess Alyssa”. And Joel, I’m sorry to say, you were made into a troll. Other family members have also appeared so currently there’s Princess Alyssa, Troll Joel, Monkey Mommy, Dragon Daddy, Frog Lexi and, this just came tonight (sniff), Kitty Cat Joey.

And pictures because they’re so darn cute:

Wii Addict

I think I’m addicted to the Wii! We only have two “games” (Wii Sport and Wii Play) but that has been plenty for me so far! I’m currently trying to get all gold medals on Wii Play.

Last night was really bad. I had to get up with both kids several times. And for each time I got up with the kids, Christi gets up 10 times. So it must have been really bad for her!

Joel is pulling himself up onto everything. I think it’s most funny when he uses Lexi for leverage. Other times he grab my legs and plant his face between ’em. It’s cute, except when I’m Wii-ing. (Addict, remember?)

Alyssa is getting good with her letters and can count to 13. Then it’s like 15 and then 20, or something like that. She knows her A, D, M, G, L, J’s really well. (Alyssa, Daddy, Mommy, Grandma, Lexi, Joel/Joey) She can play Wii bowling and just this weekend even started hitting some of the targets in the shooting game. I still have a hard time understanding her sometimes, but that’s more my fault than hers.

Well, I gotta run home before I die. (It’s snowing and I don’t have Christi’s car.)


It’s been awhile, hasn’t it. Seems like no one is in the mood to blog these days. I just have the urge. Or maybe I just don’t have the time or energy.

I’m doing a new job at the same company. I’ve moved to a different cube on a different floor. So far, I like what I’m doing, but the atmosphere could be a little better. My boss has yet to introduce me to the other 21 teammates. I think that’s wrong.

I’ve moved hosting companies and am now with HostGator. I’m paying 3-4 times more, but hopefully it will be more reliable. I’m pleased so far. I miss the one-on-one I had with the last guy, but HostGator has surprised me with going over and beyond whenever I’ve had a trouble ticket.

Christmas is coming up quick and I really haven’t bought much. Christi’s done a lot of shopping. And we’re not exchanging gifts this year. (Money’s tight.) And my depression has hit me kind of hard lately. Winter has just started and I’m already sick of it. And my parking is going up 40% next year. Blech.

Does this blog entry sound as depressing as I feel right now?

We didn’t get our Christmas tree from Beebee Town (sp?) this year because the place shut down. Got it at another place and I kept running off leaving Christi to wrangle the kids. Then Lexi rolled in some shit. Yuck. At least it’s closer. And they have this machine that giggles and shakes all the dead needles out of the tree. I’d never seen that before.