What the kids want to be when they grow up

After asking Joel, his first response was, “What do you want to be?” When I said “computer programmer” he said I was already one and I was like “Alright!”.
He had to think about it but eventually said “Rock star”. :)
Alyssa said she wanted to be a teacher. A “teacher-teacher” not a “teacher-helper” like mom. :P

Parent/Teacher Conferences

We had parent/teacher conferences tonight. It has always been good and tonight was no exception. The teachers had nothing but good to say about Alyssa and Joel. I still wonder what am I doing right? How do I know if I will keep it up? I also worry that my kids have set the bar high early on, so will I expect high marks for the rest of school? Also, my parents were very strict when it came to grades. I got 3 B’s the first semester of high school and was grounded for a month. Recent proof shows that my kids are smart. I don’t want to put so much pressure on them, but I know they are capable of good grades. That’s what my parent’s thinking was when I was growing up. So, on one hand I think my parents were too strict, but on the other hand I can see how it is easy to believe that my kids are capable of good grades.

Kind Joel

Tonight Joel went to be with Owen, a stuffed puppy. Alyssa came out of her room and said that she couldn’t sleep without Owen, so I went in Joel’s room and asked if she could have Owen. He said no and Alyssa started bawling. After a couple of minutes, Joel called out to me and gave me Owen, saying that Alyssa could have him. What a wonderful gesture from a 3 year old.

Binky-less Joel

Joel went his first night without a binky (pacifier) last night. He did pretty well, we think. I laid with him for most of the night however. What happened was that he wasn’t (and still isn’t) feeling well so he was up crying. At one point Christi asked me to go lie down with him. Well, I never got back up. Probably from all the alcohol.

Joel with his new Binky Buddy

Growth spurt

Do you ever have those moments when your child seems to have grown months worth overnight? I swear Joel grew a ton last night. Which makes me ask, “Dee, what did you do to my baby?!”



Joel, you’re 2 years, 3 months and 23 days old, and, oh my, you are the cutest thing ever. I love your energy, your politeness, your playfulness. I love you so much. I wish I could freeze time right now because I don’t want you to grow up. I think I’m scared that I won’t remember these times, so if you stayed this age then I won’t ever forget.

Do you know you like to take strange things with you to bed? You had a bucket last month you took to bed for a few days. This week you took two toy cars. And a piece of wrapping paper. And books. Whatever you’ve been playing with or seem to enjoy that day.

I never remember Alyssa going to get a diaper and then laying down nicely so I could change her.

Some things I love about you:
I gave you a wipe in the car to wash off your sticky hands. And you threw a fit when I dropped it bringing you into the house. But luckily we had another inside. You’re so silly.

The phrases you know can put me in stitches. “I didn’t do it” or “Lie down!” or the way you say “Olivia”.

And my fears of having a boy are fading as I watch you play with cars. Hopefully the love of cars will be something we can share someday.


The way you “help me up” by lifting my head when I’m lying down.

The way you just hang out in your crib for awhile after waking up instead of wanting out immediately.

The way you’ll not speak a word at Grandma and Grandad’s, but will start yappin’ away once we’re alone in the car.

The hugs you give me.

The hugs you give Lexi. The caring of Lexi when she is injured.

How you’re starting to love reading books.

I love to tossel (sp?) your hair.

Little big guy, I love you.

Joel’s Party

At one point tonight Alyssa and Sophie were hogging Joel’s new toy garage — a gift from Uncle Chris. We told the girls to let Joel play, so the girls left… taking all the cars with ’em! Joel didn’t seem to care — he used a piece of pizza crust as a car! I was laughing so hard I cried!


I’ve heard stories of people opening boxes and finding garbage in them, but you never think it will happen to you. But it did today. Joel got a basketball hoop and when we opened it there was a box for a inflatable pool, an old, used wiffle-ball bat, an old, smelly diaper bag and other pieces of cardboard and trash.

I just hope, HOPE, Toy-R-Us does the right thing.