I’ll try to catch you (really just myself) up with what has happened since my last blog post.

Monday was a holiday (New Year’s observed) so I did nothing.

Tuesday afternoon I went to see the PA (physicians assistant) at the ENT. The regular guy was too busy. Christi dropped me off and I waited for a couple of minutes. A little girl Alyssa went before me. I was led to the examination room by the PA (who didn’t introduce himself until we were in the room – weird). He asked some questions, but I think he was mostly going by what notes were sent to him. (From clinic doctor, ER, Christi? I don’t know.) When he left to get something to remove some excess ear wax I really didn’t feel like I had any answers. I had a hearing test done and then went to a different examination room to meet with the PA again. I was determined to get more answers. And I did. He answered all my questions and then gave me his 3 guesses: Ménière’s, labrynthitis or headache. Continue reading


Friday at 3:00 PM I walked from my cube on the 4th floor to my car parked ½ a block away to put in my last 2 dollar coins so the meter would be paid until 5:oo PM.  I ran down without a coat since I wouldn’t be that long.

I reached down into the car and grabbed the 2 dollars. When I stood up I felt “off”. I was slightly dizzy. I’m not sure if my neck “popped” as it usually does or if it just hurt. I noticed that the right side of the back of my throat felt icy cold and I was walking with a slight gait to the right and was bumping the right wall if I didn’t consciously pull myself to the left.

I noticed my right thumb and index finger “go numb” as if they had “fallen asleep”.

As I reached my desk I looked up the systems for a stroke which included dizziness and numbness along with a crooked smile and slurred speech. I checked my smile with a small mirror at my desk. Nothing different – I naturally have a slightly crooked smile. I mumbled to myself and thought I sounded ok, but to be sure I called my wife at home. She concurred that I sounded ok, but mentioned my company’s in-house doctor’s clinic and suggested I stop by. Continue reading


Anyone have a funny Thanksgiving quote? The only one I can remember was from my brother: “I’m only friends [on Facebook] with people I don’t know.” It was also funny to see my face popup on his Droid.

I also was reminded of how much I love my wife. Since she didn’t come to my parents at the same time I did, I waited until she showed. At one point we all heard the door open and my mom said that is was probably “Chris”. I immediately got excited because I thought it was my wife instead of my brother. (Sorry Chris!)

Lexi celebrated her 10th birthday this Thanksgiving! (The big one-oh. Double digits.) We gave her treats and lots of love.

San Diego – Day 2.5

Last night we headed to the beach and spent some lovely time just walking the coastline and watching the sun set. We then stopped at In ‘n’ Out. My burger had a funny taste — I don’t know if it was the special sauce or the onions, but I didn’t like it. And then they messed up my order and gave me a vanilla shake instead of a chocolate one. So, I wasn’t impressed.

I didn’t pack enough T-shirts. I assumed that I would wear my business-casual attire in the evening, but that didn’t happen last night. Oh well.

Christi didn’t want me uploading any pics from her camera, so no cute picture of us at the beach. 🙁

I hope the kids survived spending time with my mom this morning. I hope Sandy is surviving, too.

I’ve been missing Joel a little on the trip, ut all in all I haven’t missed home too much. I think having Christi here helps that.

Class is going at neck-break speed, but that’s fine by me. I know most of the stuff already, so it’s easy to pick up on the things I didn’t.

I don’t know what else to write. I feel a little bored. A little sad. And not at all hungry, even though it’s lunch time.



  • got lost on his way to class today. Not really, I blame construction since I saw no signs for my exit. I’m glad I left 15 minutes early!
  • ‘s class is 1/2 men 1/2 women, which surprised him.
  • is privy to free pop and snacks in the kitchen at the learning center. Too bad he brought his own Dr. Pepper.
  • ‘s “neighbor” was on Facebook.
  • is able to log into work and home from his class. Probably not a good idea since it might distract him.
  • feels sorry for Christi who doesn’t have a car to go travel anywhere today.
  • liked his bed last night. It was nice and soft.
  • felt like a giant in the shower this morning. Everything was really low!
  • ‘s wife brought him a good breakfast this morning. No donuts, but chocolate chocolate-chip muffin was good!
  • thought traffic was worse than he expected for being after 8 o’clock. Does the work day start at 9 here?
  • is upset with the crappy projector and mice with balls on the bottom (not optical) in his classroom.
  • likes his instructor’s penmanship
  • sees there’s someone here for the State of Nebraska. And IHOP.
  • had a really rough check-in at the airport. I had like 5 bins worth of crap. My laptop, my laptop case, my belt, my CPAP machine, my CPAP machine case, and my coat.