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User Experience IT Exchange Program
Web Camera Analysis


See accomplishments.xls


First Half

User Interface Technologies Static Content

  • Version 1.6.5 – 2010-04-13
    • Fixing issue with certification portlet extending into timetables portlet
    • Certification portlet using new “empty” text so I had to change my code to accommodate
    • Extracted Front Page JavaScript and CSS from TEY
  • Version 1.6.4 – 2010-01-06
    • Fix menu link setting label on one tab and URL on a different tab
  • Version 1.6.3 – 2010-01-05
    • Fix tabs blank on refresh
  • Version 1.6.2 – 2010-01-05
    • Hotfix for users on FrontPage seeing the Tutorial pop up every time they enter the portal

Second Half




UIT Portal Static Content versions 1.3.0 – 1.5.2

TE&Y portal


Created preference servlet for saving state on the server (a way to get around the maximum cookie size)

FrontPage started

Added LR Connection link to UPOnline portlet

Added Business Builder link

Created UPOnline portlet

Updated foblogin.shtml to Ricola 2

New branding

Infrastructure: removed Federator

Added RSSM form to Call Sheet portlet

Combined JS files for quicker page load

Highlight right edge of sidebar on mouseover

Fixed portal so it would work in IE8 and Safari

Portal Standards Committee

Hudson integration: UCD, UIT static content, User Attributes (started)

UCD project: requirements definitions, set up


JUnit tests

tey_portlets coverage: 78%

uit_userattr coverage: 86%

Created page groups for High and Medium portals

EQMS changes

Infrastructure changes for user attributes

Simplified portal template


Year Month Date Project Major Version Minor Version Update Version Deployment Hotfix
2010 1 5 UIT Static Content 1 6 2 Y Y
2010 1 5 UIT Static Content 1 6 3 Y Y
2010 1 6 UIT Static Content 1 6 4 Y Y
2010 4 13 UIT Static Content 1 6 5 Y N
2010 6 29 UIT Static Content Action Bar (without printing) 1 7 0 Y N
2010 5 Portal web cameras
2010 Code retreat participant
2010 Tealeaf evaluation/participation
2010 Hudson integration
2010 Portal Transportation Manager Portal Y N
2010 Moved code to production SVN

Designed and implemented new portal
TE&Y portal migration
– MKS and SVN

Assist in Multirail Enterprise Edition (MREE)
– Integration of traffic management sub-system
Innovative Train Schedule Optimizer & Innovative Locomotive Planning Optimizer (ITSO & ILPO)
Support Network Service Planner (NSP) including Day-To-Day Support, Incremental Enhancements, & Internal Infrastructure Requirements
– Development of NSP “Services”
– Assist batch studies
– Adjust sandbox alignment with new operating regions
– Hardware for NSP Services
Help with Enterprise Security Application (ESA)
– Create views and controllers for application

“During this year [2007] I continued my learning of JSF and AJAX, plus learned Ricola 2.0, Wicket, jQuery, SAX, StAX, XSLT and XPath. During this time I finished all tasks for projects assigned to me including ESA (using JSF), MRE Front End (Phase 1 using Wicket plus backend connections to DB), NSP Service (including upgrades so it’s XMF compliant, creating jobs for cleaning up logs, refactoring and accelerating server application), NSP Service Matrix (including upgrades to XMF 2.0 and Ricola 2.0), Prophecy (support), and ILPO (familiarizing myself with company and system and attending meetings). I started contributing to the TCS Front End project in December. I have contributed to the UP knowledge base through UP’s Wiki and tried to participate in all Friday lunch discussions to further my knowledge of programming.”

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