Associate Applications Developer

March 2000January 2001
– Maintained, updated and supported Visual Basic application used for business forecasting
– Worked with customers to assemble requirements, receive feedback and ensure satisfaction
– Came up to speed on forecasting tool learning the functional and technical perspectives, data structures, execution flow, database schemas, etc.
– Increased productivity with automated Excel spreadsheets
– Designed, developed and tested forecasting tool with Excel spreadsheets
– Designed, developed and tested graphical user interface for new customer requests
– Fixed issues and kept application up-to-date
– Learned Visual Basic and stored procedures in a short time
– Increased technical knowledge by completing over 15 classes

Automated some Excel spreadsheets that were being used by other people within the company. This increased productivity for those using the Excel spreadsheets.

I had to learn Visual Basic and stored procedures. I learned not only the tool Visual Basic but also the programming language behind the interface. I learned how to write, compile and debug stored procedures in Oracle.

My new knowledge of Visual Basic and stored procedures was used to fix issues and to add lots of new functionality to a forecasting tool at Union Pacific that planned for different businesses in different industries shipping different commodities. I created reports to compare forecast values with actual data to gain insight into the accuracy of those forecasts.

I created a process that allowed users to upload data manipulated in Excel into the forecasting tool. This allowed users to utilize Excel’s formula’s along with the user’s familiarity of Excel to create better plans which were then used to create plans for the amount of equipment needed to service those plans.