My Wonderful Wife

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I’m going to talk about my wife. If you don’t want to hear this, please leave.

First of all I wanted to tell you why I made this page. Not only do I really love my wife, but she’s been having these anal retentive moments the last couple of days and are pretty funny!

The first one is this: the toilet in the large bathroom doesn’t match up with the door and is bothering her. It wasn’t designed to be, so I don’t understand her … (cough) … problem.

Shit, what are the other ones? Can’t remember right now, so I’ll talk about something else.

My wife and I met through some mutual friends and we both thought the other was cute when we first met.

Unfortunately, she had a boyfriend.

I remember one night, some friends, Christi (oh, that’s my wife BTW) and “what’s-his-name” were going out and I was invited along. I declined because of what’s-his-name and I think Christi knew this too.

Some days later, Christi was at my duplex and we talked for a long time. It reminded me of the time I was with “what’s-her-name” and I didn’t want to leave because I wanted to kiss her. So I was thinking that perhaps the reason Christi was sticking around was the same. So when we said goodbye on the door steps, I leaned down (she was one step lower) and kissed her. Well, she didn’t say anything that night (I don’t think — I can’t remember) but I’ve come to learn that she was not sticking around for a kiss. (shrug) Oh well. Perhaps if I hadn’t kissed her, we wouldn’t be together, so no regrets!

Which leads to an interesting fact. One of the questions couples get asked a lot is, “On what date did you first kiss?” This was even incorporated into Christi’s wedding shower with a quiz question: When did Adam and Christi first kiss? A) before their first date B) on their first date C)… Well, the answer is really A! When Christi’s mom found out the answer she called Christi a “hussy” or something. :D

When I kissed her for the first time, she was still dating what’s-his-name! I stole his girl! :D

Oh, and the first kiss was awesome. My first kiss with my ex was horrible, so I was really pleased thrilled that it was sooooo good!

Sorry about that last paragraph. Way too mushy!

Anyway, Christi and I dated awhile, but I really don’t remember our dates much. I sort of remember the first date. (I get reminded of it every time someone asks what we did on our first date.)

Eventually I picked out a ring and proposed. We bought a house, got married, and had a kid, bought another house and had another kid. More kids are in our future, but for now it’s just Alyssa. We have a darling daughter, Alyssa, and a troublemaker of a super son, Joel.

Christi used to work for a customer service (?) company and sometimes listens to some really bad customer service reps. So some days I get to hear about “The Stupid Rep of the Day”. One kept talking about the itinerary when they meant their phone statement. One, when asked “So what’s with Canada”, referring to a long distance plan, replied, “Yea, what is with Canada?”

Now she’s a wonderful SAHM.

Added December 29, 2005
We just celebrated our 3rd anniversary! Yea! I decided to type up a list of “Christi-isms” from a disintegrating Post-it in my wallet. Here we go.

  • Shh. Don’t talk about it.
  • You would.
  • Fight! Fight! Fight!
  • You’re a funny guy.
  • Sorry, my hand slipped.
  • Eh. It happens.
  • Sweet.
  • Harsh!
  • Josie grossy!

This is funny because I haven’t heard her say most of these in a long time. This Post-it has been in my pocket awhile…

To be continued…

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