I believe…

Software development

  • In software craftsmanship and code quality
  • Clean code!
    • Static code analysis tools offer good metrics and we should keep “violations” at a minimum
  • Open source
    • A wiki should be open for edits. Otherwise it’s just a webpage.
    • Allowing others to contribute code is a “good thing” but should probably be moderated
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a great idea, but hard to switch to doing
  • Human factors/HCI is important

Social Issues

  • That teachers and pro athletes should swap salaries
  • Human rights (equal treatment for all)
  • Gays are not destroying “the sanctity of marriage”
  • The rich/top 1% don’t get taxed enough. They make all their money with “capital gains” which is taxed much lower than regular wages. (See the Warren Buffett rule)
  • In social welfare
  • President Obama is doing the best job he can given the Washington $*&%s in Congress
  • Immigrants created this country and we should be open to allowing more in


  • Generic brands are just as good as name brands in most cases
  • People should strive to improve themselves, but not to the point they have bad self-esteem
  • The United States should use the metric (SI) system
  • Dr. Pepper is the best pop/soda out there. (And to add, Diet Dr. Pepper tastes nothing like regular Dr. Pepper.)
  • In order for me to lose weight, I’ll have to exercise and not just diet. Everyone should exercise because of it’s benefits.
  • My kids are better than yours

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