I like Firefox. A lot. Even when it was named Phoenix.

I even use it at work (using PortableApps.com).

But some sites (ok, only StackExchange sites) I visit I get multiple popups asking for my user name and password. Because I’m behind a firewall I have to enter my credentials, no big deal. But they don’t work! So I have to hit Cancel. Not just once, but, like, 4 times!

Annoying Popup

Annoying Popup

Annoying Popup 2

Annoying Popup 2

And it’s not the HTTP proxy, it’s asking for a “moz-proxy”.

I finally decided to Google my issue. I found some reports of others with the same issue. (Ironically, the last page was from a StackExchange site and produced the error.)

When I found a page suggesting it was a Firebug issue I opened it and found a bunch of “407 Proxy Authentication Required” errors for http://sockets.ny.stockexchange.com.

I also found these errors in the Javascript Console.

When I saw the “ws” protocol I was pretty sure the issue was with web sockets.

I decided to look to see if I could turn this off.

Google didn’t provide any obvious hits, but at the bottom of this page it mentioned turning on web sockets. So I looked in “about:config” and filtered on “socket”.

Sure enough, I was able to disable web sockets! Hurray! And now I don’t get those popups! Problem solved!

(This bug seems to be related.)

(Maybe I can make this guy hate Firefox a little less.)

More discussion and a  possible solution.

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