Types of Optimizations

This post was created a long time ago. I’m just publishing it now.

I was thinking of my optimization categories and thought I needed to rethink my categories. First we have the “value” optimizations: colors, quotes around urls, combining values. These are all “safe”. Also “safe” was the removal of characters that don’t even get parsed: whitespace and comments.

The next level of optimizations I think of as “declaration” optimizations: optimizations that are dependent of the declaration and optimizations that are just declaration optimizations. I can’t compress the font-weight values unless it is for the font-weight declaration.

“(declaration) block” optimizations: whitespace? comments?

“rule” optimizations: combining rules, removing empty rules

“rule-set” optimizations: combining rules

“style sheet” optimizations

“gzip” optimizations: making anything lowercase

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