Code Retreat

Here are just a couple of my thoughts about today’s code retreat.

Firstly, I’m a little tired of pair programming. I spent most of Thursday and Friday doing it. And then today I had to do more. I wish I had some time to work on TDD alone.

The meals today were pretty good. I would’ve done it for a pizza lunch, but I got breakfast, lunch and a fancy dinner!

It was nice to meet some of the contractors my company uses. Too bad I don’t work with any of ’em.

The “Game of Life” problem was fun to work on. And I didn’t mind not finishing it each iteration. I get it that it wasn’t about solving the problem. I was hoping for some more “thinking outside the box”, from myself or from others.

I would’ve like to have 2 keyboards and mice at each PC so we could more easily pair program, but I was told that was a no-no. (Damn unions.)

I felt there was a lot of camaraderie among us there today. Again, it is nice, but too bad none of my teammates were there. (Well, I guess Tim was, but I didn’t interact with him at all.)

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