Today I helped out a company wanting to create a new Toastmasters club. NEI (or something) Relocation. Before the meeting we were told people wanted to know about the different officer roles, but by the time the “sample” meeting was over, there was only a couple minutes left so we didn’t have time to go over them.

I was also hoping to tell them about and this:

You can be in Toastmasters and not speak. I’ve been in for 2 1/2 years now and still haven’t finished my CC. I’ve only given 3 speeches in 2 years. How? By filing meeting roles. If you pick large enough roles, no one expects you to give a speech.

So why am I still in Toastmasters when I don’t work on speeches? Because I know I should. I gave a speech Tuesday (#9 Persuade with Power) and was nervous as hell. My mouth was dryer than Death Valley. I know I need to improve.

Plus, I like the members of my Toastmasters club. Good people. Good folk.

Oh, by the way, some people (those in my carpool on the way to the meeting today) expect me to be the next club president. I originally thought I would run for VPE (Vice President Education) again and Lou would be president. But then Lou decided to be an area governor and Jay said he was interested in being VPE. So… I don’t know. If only Toastmasters let Presidents serve for more than a year at a time. Ann is and Travis was a good president. (Who was before that? Hmm…)

Oh, another thing, my Competent Leader (CL) certificate came today! Yea! (Now who was it that dropped the ball and didn’t have it sent to their house so it could be presented?)

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