Stroke (continued)

I owe an update about my stroke to everyone, but am not in the mood to write another blog post after my Toastmasters one. So I’ll just publish a rough draft of one I started January 9th. Back in the hospital…

A couple of neurosurgeons visit me and do some motion tests.

Now who was it that ordered the MRA? Since I already had an MRI with some “contrast”, I couldn’t have another one that day. So it was scheduled for the next morning.

A MRA is also called at CT angiography.

Thursday I was gently woken up by my PCP. I was pretty excited to see him. He couldn’t give more details since the MRA wasn’t done yet. (An MRA is an MRI looking at specific arteries in the back of the brain.) A couple hours later I was wheeled down to the MRI trailer. (I think it was literally a semi-truck trailer.) (bang! bdrrrrr! and other MRI noises) After that I went back to my room for a diagnosis.

Finally I was given some information! I had a stroke! Wha-wha-what!? This thing that I suspected actually happened!?

Ok, so I learned I had a stroke. My brother (a radiologist) wants to see the scans so I request a CD from the hospital. I wait a few days and then pop the CD into my computer. Luckily it had a viewer included on the disk. I looked at the scans and I think I see the problem. I’m just guessing at this point. I uploaded some images on Facebook, but don’t share it with anyone but my family. At some point I hope to include some images on this site and discuss what happened in more detail. (Like how the right vertebral artery that was twisted closed preventing blood from reaching my cerebellum and how 30-40% of my right half of my cerebellum is now dead.)

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