I’ll try to catch you (really just myself) up with what has happened since my last blog post.

Monday was a holiday (New Year’s observed) so I did nothing.

Tuesday afternoon I went to see the PA (physicians assistant) at the ENT. The regular guy was too busy. Christi dropped me off and I waited for a couple of minutes. A little girl Alyssa went before me. I was led to the examination room by the PA (who didn’t introduce himself until we were in the room – weird). He asked some questions, but I think he was mostly going by what notes were sent to him. (From clinic doctor, ER, Christi? I don’t know.) When he left to get something to remove some excess ear wax I really didn’t feel like I had any answers. I had a hearing test done and then went to a different examination room to meet with the PA again. I was determined to get more answers. And I did. He answered all my questions and then gave me his 3 guesses: Ménière’s, labrynthitis or headache. (He only thought of the 3rd after I complained about headaches.) He knew there was a connection between headaches and vertigo. I don’t think he was going to do anything but after complaining about my headaches he ordered an MRI. It was supposed to get a better look at the vestibular something-or-other. Forward to…

Wednesday I drove myself to the imaging center to have the MRI done. I’ve had an MRI done before so I wasn’t too concerned. The machine was loud. It was long. Blah blah blah. It was over and I changed into my “street” clothes. The nurse said the doctor called and asked for me to stay a couple of minutes in case he had any questions. Sure. (whistle, whistle) Yep, the doctor is on the phone in the MRI room. Weird, especially because there was another person getting an MRI beyond the glass. And it wasn’t the doctor at the ENT practice I was going to see nor the PA. It was another doctor from the same practice. He saw something in the MRI that concerned him and he wanted to get a second opinion because it was “outside [his] area of expertise”. Ok. I waited a few more minutes. He calls back, again I’m in the MRI room, and he says that I should get someone to drive me to the hospital right now. He talked to a neurologist and he agreed. If I needed an ambulance, he would get one for me, but for legal reasons, I should not be driving. (expletive) I call my wife and she says yes she can come get me. We get to the hospital and wait for what seems like forever when finally I’m taking to a room in the observatory (“short stay”) unit. At this point I still don’t know why I’m at the hospital since it was “outside his area of expertise”. They call for a neurologist, a neurosurgeon and my PCP to visit me.

More to come…

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