We had an explosion in our kitchen tonight! My wife bought one of those glass containers for food storage. It was sitting on the counter when it inexplicably exploded. I was mowing the yard (100 degrees! (where’s the degree character on this iPad?)) when Alyssa and her friend ran up saying something glass broke in the kitchen. I raced inside for fear that Christi was hurt and saw her dumbfoundedly (I can make up words) staring at 1000’s (well, at least hundreds) of glass shards on the counter and floor. Bret (over for dinner) and her had heard the explosion but didn’t know what it was from. We seriously didn’t know what had exploded for several minutes. With my Sherlock Holmes-like skills I determined it was the glass food container. What a mess. We were able to verify that it had exploded because there was glass on the other side of the counter, over a raised portion. (Pics coming soon)

We decided we couldn’t sue because no one was hurt until… Alyssa put her hand on the counter later and a shard that had stuck to the edge of the counter went right into her finger. Poor thing.

(Note to self: typing on an iPad sucks!)

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