Hear what people are saying about Adam!

Dedicated and fights for what is right.

Focuses on quality in his work.

I like his listening skills. Adam is always ready to help others.

Always provides excellent out of the box thinking for technical problems.

Excellent and well rounded technical skills. Amazing code documentation. Very good at trying out new technologies and integrating them into your projects. I learn things from him! I can tell he has a passion for this stuff, which is a rare commodity.

If I ever have any tech questions Adam is the first person I would ask. I appreciate how he gets things done without complaining.

Adam seems to always have a positive, happy attitude. Sometimes things at work can burden us, but Adam will say something funny and everyone will laugh even early on a Monday. Thanks!

Great sense of detail and ability to find things that others overlook. Passion for the job, quality, and the people is evident in everything he does.

A patient collaborator that values your input.