Results of Lexi’s Lump

The vet called last night and said that the lump on Lexi’s underbelly was malignant but only a level one which means it hasn’t spread to the rest of the body. But the fax they sent me from the lab says it’s at a level 2 and “deep invasion”. :rolleyes: Dogs with this level usually live for another 70 months (about 6 years). I guess the fact that there was “no lymphatic invasion” is a good thing.

Report on Lexi's "mass"

Report on Lexi's "mass"

Some text from the report: Although the tumor cells were well-differentiated the deep invasion warrants a grade II category based on the scheme of patnaik. Current literature suggest grade II mast cell tumors with low mitatic rates as seen in this case have a median survival time of 70 months.

Hrm…. that’s the first place “tumor” has shown up. 🙁

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