Wow. This is messed up. Here is a table of the browsers I have at my disposal and the returned value from the JavaScript variable “navigator.appVersion”.

Browser navigator.appVersion
Chrome 5.0 5.0
Opera 10.00 9.80
IE 8.0 4.0
IE 7.0 4.0
IE 6.0 4.0
Safari 4.0 5.0
Safari 3.2 5.0
Firefox 3.6 5.0
Firefox 3.5 5.0
Firefox 2.0 5.0

Ok browser makers. Let’s start over. I don’t think any site is using the navigator.appVersion anymore so now is as good of time as ever to start fresh. What do you say?

Results of Lexi’s Lump

The vet called last night and said that the lump on Lexi’s underbelly was malignant but only a level one which means it hasn’t spread to the rest of the body. But the fax they sent me from the lab says it’s at a level 2 and “deep invasion”. :rolleyes: Dogs with this level usually live for another 70 months (about 6 years). I guess the fact that there was “no lymphatic invasion” is a good thing.

Report on Lexi's "mass"

Report on Lexi's "mass"

Some text from the report: Although the tumor cells were well-differentiated the deep invasion warrants a grade II category based on the scheme of patnaik. Current literature suggest grade II mast cell tumors with low mitatic rates as seen in this case have a median survival time of 70 months.

Hrm…. that’s the first place “tumor” has shown up. 🙁