JsDoc Toolkit Error

I was getting several errors when running JsDoc Tookit version 2.0.2:

[jsdoctoolkit] js: "C:/libraries/jsdoc-toolkit/app/lib/JSDOC/\Symbol.js", line 72: uncaught JavaScript runtime exception: TypeError: Cannot find function __defineSetter__.
[jsdoctoolkit] js: "C:/libraries/jsdoc-toolkit/app/lib/JSDOC/\Symbol.js", line 9: uncaught JavaScript runtime exception: TypeError: Cannot call method "apply" of undefined

I was able to fix my problem by downloading the latest version of js.jar from here. The version I downloaded was Rhino 1.7R1.


Kind of amazing that I still haven’t upgraded to Firefox 3.0, no?

On Saturday, I worked more on the windows. Sanding the hail dents out and re-painting. I’ve only done primer on the kids’ windows. I still have to paint ’em. Instead of using a ladder, I just leaned out the windows. It was a lot easier.

Sunday wasn’t a good day. I blame that I didn’t have any Dr. Pepper. I slept a lot. Didn’t get any housework done. Was grumpy and impatient with the kids. I blame my allergies, too.

Oh, yea, I wanted to blog about why I was pissed that the Dow went down on Friday. A lot of people were saying we need to pass the bailout plan because Wall Street is hurtin’. They point to the 777 point drop on Monday. Well, Wednesday (I think) came and the Senate passed it’s version. And the Dow was up just a little. Then the House passes the bill and the market drops! See! A bailout bill doesn’t mean Wall Street will suddenly shoot up. It’s like the people on Wall Street react on bad news, but not on good news. A friend said they supported the bill because if $2300 would ensure that their financial portfolio would be safe, it was worth it. Well, $2300 down the drain because IT DIDN’T WORK!

VP Debate

Christi and I watched the VP debate last night.

First, I was impressed with Gov. Palin. She really was prepared and she sounded like she knew her stuff.

Secondly, Sen. Biden sounded good too. A lot of the pundits were saying before the debate that he would gaff or after the debate saying they were impressed that he didn’t. I guess I didn’t realize he was so likely to. But glad he didn’t make any gaffs.

Thirdly, it helped me figure out where I stand. I had been moving more toward the middle, but after hearing the debate I’m more likely to vote for my party.