Dog Rescue Has Happy Ending

This is a story I found on Union Pacific’s Employee site:
September 19, 2008 | 12:53 p.m. CDT

Locomotive Engineer Richard Carman, Jr., was running his 110-car train through Little Rock, Ark., when he observed a small dog between the rails. He appeared to be caught in a switch.

Carman contacted railroad police, advising his train had passed over the dog. Special Agent Richard Carman, Sr., who happens to be the engineer’s father, responded and found the pup still between the rails, visibly shaken but uninjured. He contacted a dispatcher to stop an approaching train until the pup could be rescued.

The dog was taken to the Little Rock Humane Society, where policy dictated that if not adopted over a period of time, he would be euthanized.

After several days, Carman visited the Little Rock Humane Society. Finding the dog still available, he adopted him. His name is “Switch.”

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