• got lost on his way to class today. Not really, I blame construction since I saw no signs for my exit. I’m glad I left 15 minutes early!
  • ‘s class is 1/2 men 1/2 women, which surprised him.
  • is privy to free pop and snacks in the kitchen at the learning center. Too bad he brought his own Dr. Pepper.
  • ‘s “neighbor” was on Facebook.
  • is able to log into work and home from his class. Probably not a good idea since it might distract him.
  • feels sorry for Christi who doesn’t have a car to go travel anywhere today.
  • liked his bed last night. It was nice and soft.
  • felt like a giant in the shower this morning. Everything was really low!
  • ‘s wife brought him a good breakfast this morning. No donuts, but chocolate chocolate-chip muffin was good!
  • thought traffic was worse than he expected for being after 8 o’clock. Does the work day start at 9 here?
  • is upset with the crappy projector and mice with balls on the bottom (not optical) in his classroom.
  • likes his instructor’s penmanship
  • sees there’s someone here for the State of Nebraska. And IHOP.
  • had a really rough check-in at the airport. I had like 5 bins worth of crap. My laptop, my laptop case, my belt, my CPAP machine, my CPAP machine case, and my coat.

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