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How do you like the new style? For a while I was thinking of just using Tumblr as my blog because it was simple. Then I thought about making a page that would load Twitter in one column and Tumblr in another. Well, I decided to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress and go with a simple template. I think it works. I still want to mess with the position of the “tags” and “comments”. But for now I’m happy. I even created my own header and footer images instead of just using the ones with the template.

Update: I got rid of the “tags” altogether and the “comments” part on the main page. Now my blog is even cleaner!

Update 2: The only problem is that my last blog had different “levels” for the users so different people got rights to different blog posts. I wanted to get away from that so when I imported my old blog, I marked every post as “private”. Now, I just have to go back through each one and mark it not private. All 1,062 posts. (sigh)

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