Joel – (almost) 18 Months

Hey Bud, J-Man, Joely, Joel,

Even though I still think you’re a big cry-baby, I love you so much. I have a feeling that you like me more than your mom which is the opposite of how I think Alyssa was/is.

You’re so brave and adventurous. You’ll climb up the playset out back and slide down the slide on your own. On your own!

Here are some of the things you like to do:

  1. Hit people. Usually with an object like a ball or a broom. You’re kinda violent like that.
  2. Dress up. Especially like to wear hats. Where it was almost impossible to get Alyssa to wear a hat, you’ll put anything on your head as a hat. Such as a red plastic plate when Grandad was over this weekend.
  3. Climb. I mentioned the playset, but you’ll also climb up any ladder I might have up. And you will go straight for the top!
  4. Get in my way. Let’s just say that you ended up with a lot of paint on your hands last night.
  5. Give kisses. Ok, actually you’re a little stingy on the kisses, but at least most of them are closed mouthed! And I think I get more than you give Mom.
  6. “Clean”. You like to play with the toy vacuum and you’ll sweep with the toy broom. That is, when you’re not hitting people with it.
  7. Cuddle. Nothing beats cuddling with you! Not even fuzz-therapy.
  8. Sleep. We can just lie you down and without a peep you’ll go to sleep. I’m not saying you just sleep for the heck of it, but we can usually get you to bed without a fight.
  9. Drink. You drink a lot. I don’t know why. Sometimes I think you might have a strange disease like the ones I used to see on “Mystery Diagnosis“. Then I just tell myself you’re staying hydrated. Alyssa doesn’t drink enough.
  10. Go “brbrbrbr” like an engine. Nothing makes a father more proud of his son than when he’s making car noises!
  11. Play in your Cozy Coupe. I was against your mother getting this. (“Another toy”, I thought.) But you love it! Actually, most kids like playing with it.
  12. Carry your blanket. Usually this is just after you get up, but you like to take your blanket with you when you get out of your crib. It is SO soft. (Thanks, Christy!)

Here are some things you don’t like to do:

  1. Communicate! You still won’t sign “more” or “done” in your high chair. Although I think you’ve got the “pointing at something you want” down.
  2. Get your diaper changed. Mommy says Alyssa was the same way, but I don’t know…
  3. Being told “no”. Especially from other people. My! you threw a fit on the 4th of July! Twice!
  4. Having things ripped from your hands – either me taking Mommy’s cell phone or camera or Alyssa stealing a toy. But who can blame you?
  5. Having your hair washed. You do this thing where you lean over the edge of the bathtub because you know I don’t want water all over the floor and won’t dump water on you if you’re like that. You smart little bugger.

Some other things you’ve being doing lately:

  1. Giving Alyssa hugs. I’ve seen you walk up to Alyssa and give her a hug for no reason.
  2. Expanding your vocabulary. Your mother is keeping a list on her blog, but “see” is a big one.
  3. Sitting while we read you books. You’re getting interested in books a little. Your favorite is one that rattles.

Well, I think that’s it. Keep up the good work, buddy-boy!


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