Strange week

I’ve had a strange week. I’ve been feeling weird. I’ve been so tired. If I don’t have an “energy drink” I fall asleep. At work. Not good.

Easy names

My cubicle aisle at work has some of easiest and most common names: Bob, Bill, Larry, Chuck, Tim and Sudarshan, aka Sudy. Ok, Sudy isn’t a popular American name, but he’s Indian. Maybe it’s popular there. And if you want to stretch it a little more you can include my boss who’s in an office at the end of the aisle, Tom.

Easy names.

Troll Joel

A few weeks ago I made up a story for Alyssa about “Princess Alyssa”. And Joel, I’m sorry to say, you were made into a troll. Other family members have also appeared so currently there’s Princess Alyssa, Troll Joel, Monkey Mommy, Dragon Daddy, Frog Lexi and, this just came tonight (sniff), Kitty Cat Joey.

And pictures because they’re so darn cute:


Airbus awarded contract thumbs up

Feds creating new regulations over financial market thumbs down

CEOs of failed financial companies getting huge wages thumbs down

Feds bailing out financial companies thumbs down but if they didn’t, it’d be worse

Bailing out home owners living above their means thumbs down

Bailing out home owners of scams and fraudulent home loans thumbs up

Building a new stadium thumbs down

(Views and opinions possible to change)