Tuesday’s Primaries

Was anyone else wishing that Barack Obama would win just so we could stop hearing about politics all the time?

At this point, the candidate whose views matched mine closest has (Kucinich) has dropped out. I haven’t really compared Barack and Hillary positions, but here’s what my gut says about them: Barack has a more friendly demeanor while Hillary can (can doesn’t mean always) make my skin crawl when she talks. But I think Hillary could do more as President than Barack; she seems to be more “in tune” with the realities of politics whereas Barack has more lofty and unattainable goals.

Just my gut’s 2¢.

Christy, it’s “Barack” and not “Baraq”. And “Hillary”, not “Hilary”.

0 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Primaries

  1. I still worry that an African American president is a sure sign of a nuclear bomb … 😯

  2. just to clarify … my comment was an attempt at being funny regarding the TV show “24” … not trying to be racist.