In some ways your are totally different from your sister. For instance, tonight I laid you down in your crib with a couple of binkies and a sippy cup of water, turned on your birds and left. And you went to sleep. This amazes me. Alyssa wouldn’t go down that easily. We’d have to rock her to sleep and then to carefully put her down without waking her.

But in some ways you are just like your sister. Maybe all kids are this way, but we can’t keep you away from the TV buttons! You change channels or flip the TV on and off.

You’re walking now. I think the “official” day was last Saturday, but you’ve been walking for a while now. You still crawl when you need to get somewhere really fast, but you’re quite good at walking too.

I can’t tell if you like hats or not. Or maybe it’s that you like other people’s hats. Whenever your mom and I try to put a hat on you, you immediately take it off. But later you’ll slap on Mommy’s cap or one of Alyssa’s hats and play peek-a-boo.

Tonight you and Alyssa were playing on a chair and you would stand up and look away. Then you would lean over to look at Alyssa and start laughing! I don’t know why. Crazy kid!

You really love your sister at this point in your life. And she really loves you. I hope it continues, but I’m not holding my breath.

You still haven’t learned any signs. Your sister knew “more” and “all done”, but all you know how to do is shake your head “no”. And sometimes we encourage you to and we all laugh.

You’re good at closing doors, but not opening them. 🙂 You’ll shut yourself in a room and then start bawling.

Not that this is unusual, but I came home from work and you gave me a big old smile and bounced a little. Quite heartwarming.

Joel eating jam


1 Dead Dog = $$$

Total cost of having Joey in the hospital: $1,156.80.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret it at all.  But it’s still a lot of money! I think we got Joel‘s ears fixed for less than that! And we got to keep him!

We haven’t got the itemized bill yet. But Christi picked up some meds for Lexi and that was the “previous balance”.

Tuesday’s Primaries

Was anyone else wishing that Barack Obama would win just so we could stop hearing about politics all the time?

At this point, the candidate whose views matched mine closest has (Kucinich) has dropped out. I haven’t really compared Barack and Hillary positions, but here’s what my gut says about them: Barack has a more friendly demeanor while Hillary can (can doesn’t mean always) make my skin crawl when she talks. But I think Hillary could do more as President than Barack; she seems to be more “in tune” with the realities of politics whereas Barack has more lofty and unattainable goals.

Just my gut’s 2¢.

Christy, it’s “Barack” and not “Baraq”. And “Hillary”, not “Hilary”.

Joey Update: Waiting another day

Yesterday Christi called me and told me that the vet called her and gave her grim news. But when I talked to him last night, he wasn’t as forthcoming. He might be trying to “go easy” on me and not Christi. Christi said that the technicians at the vet commented on how much I seemed to love Joey. So maybe the doctor thinks Joey’s “my” dog and has to go easier on me.

When I talked to Christi yesterday she made it seem like we’d have to put Joey down, or at least make the decision to put her down, in the next 24-48 hours. But the doctor made me feel like we were still waiting for Joey to get better. He didn’t mention making any “hard decisions” with me.

Joey doesn’t look like she’s going to pull out of this. Her BUN and creatinine levels aren’t lowering enough. She’s not eating and her protein count is declining. We’re still waiting on some tests to come back — a couple of autoimmune tests and a bacteria test.

Joey Update

Joey is still at the vet. She’s had blood screens every day and some of the levels still haven’t gone down. Which means she’s 1) not yet better and 2) not allowed to come home. They have her on an IV to try to flush her kidneys. They did an ultrasound Tuesday and it showed 1) enlarged cortices on her kidneys and 2) some “sludge” in her gallbladder. The doc doesn’t want to treat the gallbladder until her kidneys are better — we don’t want the kidneys to have to try to metabolize (I don’t know if that’s the right word) any medications. Joey’s protein count is low and she wasn’t eating, so yesterday they were going to force-feed her. I stopped by on my way home but the doctor wasn’t in yesterday, so I really don’t know how that went. She was also supposed to have 2 more test ran yesterday — one to check for bacteria in her urine, which meant they had to get a sample directly from the bladder, ouch! and the second to check for an autoimmune deficiency. Which has been a problem in the past. She could have lupus, but I haven’t researched it yet, so I don’t know anything about it.


Last weekend I had the kids to myself and last night/today they weren’t even here! Quite a change! Quite a difference!

In other news, Joey is spending the night at the vet’s. She’s been very lethargic,  not eating, limping, not “being herself” and more. They says is some kidney disease. We’ll know more tomorrow. Or maybe not. It could be Monday because the treatment of flushing her kidneys can take some time.