Alyssa learned yesterday how to zip up a coat or sweatshirt by herself! My mom was over and when Alyssa said that she could do it herself my mom replied, “No, you can’t!” Nice encouragement, Mom.

Handed the gloves

Christi left for Raleigh, NC yesterday and I’ve had the kids all by myself. Christi left the house clean, but we didn’t have any bread or juice. We could’ve gotten by without bread, but juice!? No way! So we made a trip to the grocery store. That made me anxious. Things went well until our ride home when Alyssa announced she peed in her car seat. And I have a “thing” about body excrement. So I overreacted. I won’t tell what I said. When we got home I “had” to wash the fabric for the seat which meant I had to disassemble the thing! Seriously, I had to take the bottom off. I wouldn’t have done it, but the directions told me how. So I washed that but it wasn’t dry by the time my mom got over, so I didn’t have the seat together yet and we were going out to dinner. Dinner with the kids, even with Christi, makes me anxious. I took 2 Xanax about 5 minutes apart and had I beer at dinner, so I wasn’t stressin’ too much. Oh, when my mom called from the airport I had both kids screaming. Ugh. And then my mom said that Christi parked in the wrong section and it cost $24 for her to get out. Christi left a $ 20 but Mom mentioned that it didn’t cover it and she sounded like I owed her $4 when she got to my house. Well, on the way to dinner I tried to give her the only dollar bills I had, 2, and she’s like, “Oh you don’t need to pay me.” Which was the opposite of what I was expecting. So that was relieving. Then she added “And that wouldn’t even cover it!” in a joking, but knowing my mom maybe not so joking, way.

Bedtime went pretty well. Joel went down but woke up ~15 minutes later. I just had to rock him for a minute or so and he slept the rest of the night. Alyssa started screaming because she wanted 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5 kisses. I complied. And she went to sleep and that was that. She woke up sometime around 7 and wanted to watch Dora so I turned that on and laid in bed awhile longer. So today had been going pretty well so far. There was something I wanted to write about about yesterday, but I can’t remember. Oh well, maybe it’ll come to me.