Wii Addict

I think I’m addicted to the Wii! We only have two “games” (Wii Sport and Wii Play) but that has been plenty for me so far! I’m currently trying to get all gold medals on Wii Play.

Last night was really bad. I had to get up with both kids several times. And for each time I got up with the kids, Christi gets up 10 times. So it must have been really bad for her!

Joel is pulling himself up onto everything. I think it’s most funny when he uses Lexi for leverage. Other times he grab my legs and plant his face between ’em. It’s cute, except when I’m Wii-ing. (Addict, remember?)

Alyssa is getting good with her letters and can count to 13. Then it’s like 15 and then 20, or something like that. She knows her A, D, M, G, L, J’s really well. (Alyssa, Daddy, Mommy, Grandma, Lexi, Joel/Joey) She can play Wii bowling and just this weekend even started hitting some of the targets in the shooting game. I still have a hard time understanding her sometimes, but that’s more my fault than hers.

Well, I gotta run home before I die. (It’s snowing and I don’t have Christi’s car.)