Christmas Eve

I wanted first to write that Alyssa, for the first time, fell asleep while I was reading to her. It was so adorable!

Joel had tubes put in today. It all went pretty smoothly. It was quick too. Right after surgery they had him in the recovery room and we could hear him crying. We shut the door to the exam room and trying singing and jiggling keys so as not to hear him. It didn’t really work.

As soon as he was back in Mommy’s arms he stop crying. A sweet moment. (Not that I’ll remember it.) (sigh)


It’s been awhile, hasn’t it. Seems like no one is in the mood to blog these days. I just have the urge. Or maybe I just don’t have the time or energy.

I’m doing a new job at the same company. I’ve moved to a different cube on a different floor. So far, I like what I’m doing, but the atmosphere could be a little better. My boss has yet to introduce me to the other 21 teammates. I think that’s wrong.

I’ve moved hosting companies and am now with HostGator. I’m paying 3-4 times more, but hopefully it will be more reliable. I’m pleased so far. I miss the one-on-one I had with the last guy, but HostGator has surprised me with going over and beyond whenever I’ve had a trouble ticket.

Christmas is coming up quick and I really haven’t bought much. Christi’s done a lot of shopping. And we’re not exchanging gifts this year. (Money’s tight.) And my depression has hit me kind of hard lately. Winter has just started and I’m already sick of it. And my parking is going up 40% next year. Blech.

Does this blog entry sound as depressing as I feel right now?

We didn’t get our Christmas tree from Beebee Town (sp?) this year because the place shut down. Got it at another place and I kept running off leaving Christi to wrangle the kids. Then Lexi rolled in some shit. Yuck. At least it’s closer. And they have this machine that giggles and shakes all the dead needles out of the tree. I’d never seen that before.