Evolution or Intelligent Design again

Saw this post on Jeff‘s site. I really liked this part he quoted from this article.

Like many Christians, David Bush believes that the biblical account of creation is an ancient piece of poetry that was never meant to be a literal, scientific description of what happened as life appeared on the earth. Instead, it’s a faith-based explanation of why life exists, and how humans are to care for it. Science, on the other hand, has never answered the question of why life exists, even through endless proofs based on observation and replication by multiple sources. Science can tell us how things work, but it can never answer questions such as why the Big Bang occurred, or why the first bacterium appeared.

I wish more people were like this. If I reproach Christians, it’s the Christians that take the bible literally. I’ve always thought I wasn’t a Christian because of a lot of what the Bible says, but what if I didn’t take it literally? What if I accepted the Bible as “an ancient piece of poetry”, a work full of symbolizm and allegories?

Switching gears a little, here’s a guy who gives religious tours in not-so-religious places. Like dinosaur museums. “Tour leaders say they’re trying to point out flaws in the ‘so-called science’ of evolution, which contradicts their own understanding of Creation.” Does that episode of Friends pop into your head too, or is it just me?